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I have been trying to address illegal and improper additions and expansions built onto public property by a restaurant, banquet hall and parking lot that surround my family properties for several years. I am tired of continually addressing the building department and City Officials that do little or nothing unless I continually complain. The latest was in response to a call from my 91 year old mother that Salvatore Granata of the Bella Italia Ristorante entered her property in spite of being asked not to do so, trespassed, and without her permission, cut her bushes which were not overgrown in the first place, threw the trimmings in her walkway and left them there (SEE ABOVE) all without her consent. She has trouble walking and uses a walker and wheelchair. The Orange policeman who responded, Orange Police Detective Sgt. Walter A. Imbert, Badge #271, has worked for the restaurant many times as security even using his police vehicle in the past, did not have even the courtesy to interview my mother, look at the scene of the complaint and he refused to take a trespassing, vandalism or any report because he said how does he know that her yard is her property. Really? She has been living there for over 90 years! She has the deed, i presented it to him! he still refused to take any report, so she would have to personally go to the police station and file a complaint there, IN HER WHEELCHAIR.

While addressing the trespassing issue I found that Salvatore Granata illegally attached an easement to my 91 year old motherís property without her consent, and while addressing that situation I uncovered additional improper and illegal activities perpetrated by Salvatore Granata of the Bella Italia Ristorante which is shown on the homepage. This is another final straw in a long line of illegal, improper, and nuisance activities perpetrated by Salvatore Granata of the Bella Italia Ristorante and it seems that public officials simply look the other way or try to find a way to improperly legitimize his improper and illegal activities. This attitude of accommodation simply enables and encourages Mr. Granata as well as empowers him to continue to do as he wishes without any regard to the law, and deprives the public of their right of way as well as tens of thousands of dollars in lost development, application and permit fees while possibly benefitting the few who just look away.

Marucci Engineering easement shown above. What kind of engineer does not do their due diligence, and proper research before putting an easement on a property. Not this one. He actually knew this easement was improper. The property was surveyed by the engineer and a pin installed on the property line. This pin was consistent with a subdivision that occurred years ago and would not have been known to be placed there if the easement was a mistake. Either way the engineer is either incompetent or an accomplice in the effort of Salvatore Granata to steal property rights from my mother, a 90 year old widow. How shameful are these men. A complaint is being filed with the attorney generals office on this engineer.


 I have used OPRA to request site plans and blueprints for his properties to ascertain if there was any legal site plan or blueprints for the properties listed and none seem to exist. Even for multiple additions and expansions to the properties listed and the properties continue to be expanded without planning board approval.  

Attached is the latest violation and a link to the web site for current and prior violations which requires immediate attention due to the dangerous nature of the violation and possibility of loss of life .


  April 11, 2010  Disturbing behavior:  As i was cleaning up my backyard I noticed Mr. Granata walking by me on the other side of the fence. I thought for a second that he might want to talk noticing that there was no other apparent reason he was walking past me on the other side of the fence and this might be a good opportunity to speak to him.  When I asked if he would like to talk he just answered me " You said you want to fight me"  I calmly and slowly said noooo- I asked if you would like talk about the issues we are having. His answer "You say you want to fight me!" I again told him no that is not the way I settle things. His reply " I'll fight you", "I'll fight you anytime", "I know where you live".  I couldn't believe it. No would have been sufficient.  Was he taunting me into a fight? Acting for his cameras? I found this behavior very disturbing. My friend was sitting on my doorstep listening to the entire conversation in disbelief.  But given his history as documented below I guess it was to be expected.  This time I reported it to the police.  And I guess it is time to finally go public with this.  I was hoping we could have still settled this between the small group that is currently involved.  
  On Thursday afternoon, August 14, 2008 my 85 year old mother who is in ill health and  lives next door with my disabled brother was frightened and called the Orange police believing a confrontation was in progress after hearing loud profanities being directed by Mr. Granata just a few feet away from my door through the fence from the rear parking lot of Bella Italia. Over the past few weeks an escalation in nuisance activity had been perpetrated by Mr. Granata towards me and my family.  When the police arrived I was unaware that my mother had called from next door and I explained what I thought had happened.  Mr. Granata left as the police arrived.  I directed the two patrolman to my rear door to witness a nuisance display, one of many directed at my back door. While we were looking at the display and discussing it Mr. Granata  personally returned, took down the display, said hello, and drove off as the Orange police officers looked on.

 is he kidding with the rag in my mouth in the mirror? Sick person. Here are a few photos of some of the displays outside my door this month. He used to just park in front of my door to annoy me. Now he is actually directing displays towards me. Here are a few.  Also Sal has been playing loud rap music outside my door at 1:00am. He has also come right up to my fence and directed his headlights into my kitchen while playing loud rap music, honestly! . Finally, this last time I realized I should just video tape him and ran in to get my camera. By the time I returned he switched to loud Italian music.  Better, but still annoying at 1:00 am. See the video.  I had to record these things. No one would have believed it. Sal seems like a very sweet guy, unless he doesn't get what he wants. He has tried to humiliate me with these tactics and I resent it. What do you think of them?  He needs to cease this and owes my family and myself an apology.

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  This is Sal in his car playing loud music to annoy me at aprox. 1AM in his parking lot next to my house.  Notice how he backs up several times to get in a little closer and a little louder. Originally he had a rap song on but by the time I ran in and was able to find my camera Italian music was playing.  
  Rag stuck in broken hole in mirror as if it were stuck in my mouth.   He broke a hole in the mirror where my mouth would appear when I walked out of my back door and stuck a rag in it as to say he would shut me up.  
  Very disturbing display   Cones on his roof. In case I didn't get the message  
  Parked right next to my door.   Garbage on roof, rag in window. What is this cryptic message.  
  Garbage on roof, rag in window. What is this cryptic message.      
  Parked facing my back door   Parked facing my back door