2008 Removed Trees & Lot Expansion Page

  Over a dozen trees were removed from my property and along the property line when the parking lot was expanded and the buffer area was removed.   
  --- This parking lots have been expanded several time and are subject to re-evaluation as per code.  
  --- No Plans on file: I have requested to see the site plans from the last 2 building additions to determine the approved location for the trash container and  requesting new code requirements be enforced due to the property expansion and changes.  
  -- my neighbors and I were left out of the planning process and deprived of our right to voice our concerns about Mr. Granata’s  two building additions and this parking lot. These expansions required variances for several reasons none of which were addressed or ever brought before the planning board as required.  




Parking Lot Violations. Handicapped space in sidewalk & parking on curb/sidewalk. Where is the rest of the sidewalk?

  This issue has been upgraded. I will follow up with a new picture when it is available  
  Update in progress.....