RE:  Bella Italia Ristorante, Salvatore Granata, Orange, NJ, Property Violations

Current issues with Salvatore Granata and Bella Italia Ristorante 2013.

1.  Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante knowingly expanded his restaurant building without city or county planning board approval over four feet over his property line onto the public right away sidewalk on Central Avenue and also planted trees on public property there as well.  This illegal expansion shows no regard for human life and public safety by dangerously obscuring the intersection traffic from motorists and possibly causing or contributing to many accidents at that location. See photos and details below.

2. 2013 Salvatore Granata, Placed a easement on the property of a 91 year old widow without her consent, essentially trying to steal property rights to a property he doesn't own. He also trespassed and vandalized that same property prompting her to call the police and complain. See photos and more details on nuisance page. To this date he has not removed the illegal easement prompting the owner- again- a 91 year old widow, living with a disabled son, on social security, to have to pay for lawyers to fight his illegal easement. A complaint is also being filed against the engineer in this case with the attorney generals office. Where are the ethics in our public officials concerning this matter.

3. 2013 Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante once again expanded his parking lot into two more properties without the required city and county planning board approval. He was issued a summons for this in 2010, found guilty and fined $500. And yet he does it again, and again. See summons and photos below.


4. 2011 The Joyce Street illegal parking lot. Fencing that was ordered by the court to be returned to its previous pre illegal expansion location has not been. It is still 2 feet away.  Trees have been planted onto the city property there as well instead of the required three feet onto the lot as also ordered by the court. He ignored the order of the court.

5.  Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante moved his trash containers to the Joyce Street lot in violation of city code that no containers are allowed on a vacant lot without a structure and has no fencing around it in violation of code as well.

6.  Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante built 3 huge additions to his building without the required city and county planning board approvals. These additions do not meet code for parking, yard setbacks along South Jefferson street and many more deficiencies and there are no blueprints or site plans for any of the additions on file with the building or zoning departments.

Some of the building code violations ------------------------------SEE PHOTOS BELOW


210-20.3.        Freestanding restaurants and retail food stores.

   All newly established freestanding restaurants and retail food stores or additions to existing ones shall be subject to site plan review and the following requirements:

A.   All freestanding restaurants and retail food stores shall:

(1)    Provide refuse disposal in accordance with Section 210-22.6.

      [Reference: Former Chapter 210, § 210-42.2 Freestanding restaurants and retail food stores. [Added 9-6-1988 by Ord. No. 22-88; amended 5-7-1991 by Ord. No. 13-91; 10-20-1992 by Ord. No. 28-92; 10-17-1995 by Ord. No. 24-95]


§ 210-40.     Required Site Plan Approvals.

   Site plan approval pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-37a and 38 shall be required for the following improvements, changes, or additions prior to the issuance of either a building permit or a certificate of occupancy.

   All applications for residential developments that will result in the rehabilitation or creation of three (3) or more dwelling units, whether said units are in one (1) or more than one (1) structure, and whether developed at one (1) time or in stages and whether developed by one (1) entity or several entities.

A.   All applications for nonresidential developments, whether for new construction, rehabilitation or expansion of an existing use.

B.   All applications involving a change of use which requires an addition to or alteration of the existing parking or loading facilities.

C.   All applications for off-street parking developments, except that one- and two-family structures requiring no variance approvals related to parking area dimensions shall not be subject to site plan review.

D.   All applications for accessory uses which require bulk variances or, which by their nature, will increase vehicular traffic to the premises of the principal use.


Overview ----------------------------------------------------SEE PHOTOS BELOW


This site is not about property disputes as the officials involved would try and elude to so as to not take any responsibility. This site is about factual and verifiable illegal and improper activities in the City of Orange Township and Essex County concerning the properties and people listed.

Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante shows no regard for the law in the issues shown below and on this web site. He has repeatedly made changes and additions to his property without full regard to the law or public safety. He continues and breaks the law again even though he has been found guilty and fined for the same violation in the past. He steals development fees from the city and county, he steals property use from the city and the county, he has stolen property rights by way of an illegal easement from a 91 year old woman which he also has personally trespassed on and vandalized her property.

Public officials and even the police have enabled Mr. Granata to continue with this activity for years by simply looking the other way and not doing their job as required. This attitude of indfference and accommodation has emboldened Mr. Granata to now try and steal from his neighbor, a 91 year old woman!  What is next? Really! Whatever free drink, meal, use of a room, or simple favor is given for this accommodation of looking the other way or just not doing anything is not free and is ILLEGAL. All the citizens pay for the accommodations of the few who benefit. Hold him to the law and see if you get a favor, that would be a real favor. Looking the other way is a crime.

At this point any public official that does not do their job in regards to these issues or tries to make any accommodations to lessen these issues will be referred to the attorney generals office to be investigated as to why they are not doing their jobs properly. These actions by Salvatore Granata will not be tolerated any further in light of the latest repeated and continuing violations and illegal and immoral activities towards a 91 year old woman.

UPDATED 2014.07.15

Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Restaurant made FALSE statements to the City of Orange Police after being asked not to blow dirt on a neighbors property with his leaf blower then calling in a FAKE complaint.





Mr. Curtiss Webb, Zoning Officer, City of Orange Township, North Day Street, Orange, NJ  07050

David Antonio, Essex County Planning Board Secretary, 900 Bloomfield Ave, Verona, NJ


COMPLAINT: Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante, Expanded the restaurant property onto the public right of way, sidewalk area, obstructing the view of traffic, creating a dangerous situation. Multiple building additions without Essex County or City of Orange Township board approvals.

LOCATION: Bella Italia Ristorante, 535 Central Avenue, Orange, NJ, 07050, Essex County.

While addressing a new issue this year in which Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Ristorante, illegally trespassed, vandalized, and  filed an easement illegally on my 90 year old mothers property without her consent (READ DETAILS IN NUISANCE PAGE) I discovered and confirmed with the Essex County maps, and permits obtained through OPRA from the City of Orange Township building department that the restaurant was recently built over 4 feet onto the public sidewalk and right of way on Central Avenue.

Public records indicate that prior to the latest building addition, the restaurant was already built over the property line and into the public right of way by 2.78 feet from a recent previous expansion and the latest addition has now put the building over 4 feet onto the public right of way sidewalk seriously impeding the view of traffic to motorists at the intersection of South Jefferson Street and Central Avenue, A county road, and possibly causing or contributing to many accidents at that location.

No special consideration should be made especially since the building was knowingly, (see attached application), irresponsibly,  and illegally expanded without board approval and over the property line into the public right of way at a dangerous location and causes a hazardous situation to motorists and pedestrians by obstructing their view of traffic and pedestrians at the intersection.

The building addition and the trees should be removed from public property immediately.

The property owner and any officials that allowed this violation to continue or does nothing to correct this situation should be held responsible for accidents that occur at that location until the violations are corrected and will be reported to the attorney generals office to be investigated as to why they are not doing their jobs properly.

Complaints to be addressed:

  1. Building addition over 4 feet into the public sidewalk along Central Ave obstructing the path and view of and for pedestrians and motorists.
  2. Trees on public property obstructing view of traffic
  3. The freestanding sign along Central Avenue is build on the public right of way.
  4. No Essex County or City of Orange Township Planning Board applications were made or approved for ANY of 5 building additions and expansions!
  5. NO Blueprints or site plans for 5 building additions and expansions are on file with the building department or zoning office. (OPRA requested the documents several times)
  6. Many others

Above image taken during the construction of the last expansion addition that extended the restaurant building over 4 feet into the public right of way sidewalk and obscuring the view of motorists which now have to enter the crosswalk and further into the intersection to see down the street at a dangerous intersection. See surveys and more photos below.

This photograph was taken on 8-13-2008 which shows the prior expansion . This expansion was 2.78 feet into the public right of way as per the survey shown below.

Property owner survey above

Essex County map and more below.





Mr. Curtiss Webb

Zoning Officer

City of Orange Township

North Day Street

Orange, NJ  07050

 COMPLAINT: Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Restaurante

LOCATION: 243-245 South Jefferson Street


Dear Mr. Webb,

I would like to bring this matter to your attention.

This complaint is concerning another expansion at the Bella Italia Ristorante.

The Bella Italia Ristorante has now improved, paved and striped for traffic and parking the 2 lots at 243 and 245 South Jefferson Street, expanding its current lot on 537 Central Avenue  into the 2 new lots and is actively using the lots for a driveway and parking without planning board approval. As you know any expansion of the existing lot require planning board approval which Bella Italia Ristorante and Salvatore Granata was cited for in the past concerning the Joyce Street Lot and found guilty. See summons below 0717-sc-030005 on 10/27/2010.

Current 12/2013 Complaints to be addressed:

  1. Expanding 535-537 Central Avenue without planning board approval.
  2. No parking in front yard setback at 243 and 245 South Jefferson Street.
  3. Change of use of the 2 South Jefferson Street properties without planning board approval.
  4. Others. IE fence height and location, etc.



This fence above was removed and the lot was expanded all the way to Jefferson Street Without planning board approval as required.

Below: See improvements on 2 lots, fence removed, paved and striped for driveway and parking without the required application, site plan,  and planning board approvals.



UPDATED 2012.08.06

It has become apparent that Salvatore Granata of Bella Italia Restaurant would not have been able to illegally expand and continue to illegally expand his restaurant property without the Zoning officer of the City of Orange Township, Mr. Curtiss Webb, as an accomplice. Apparently it was Mr. Webb who gave Mr. Granata several zoning permit approvals for major building expansions that were required to be referred to the planning board of the City of Orange Township for approval. He should have not issued zoning permits because the building and property have many deficiencies. Deficiencies that still exist and are very apparent.   I have been patient enough. Mr. Webb has most recently issued another improper zoning permit approval and this is where it ends. He is the problem. I am forwarding formal complaints to our new Mayor, The Honorable Dwayne D. Warren, our new business administrator, Mr. Willis Edwards III, our new planning director, Mr. Marty Mayes, all of whom seem to be honorable men. Hopefully these men can stop the illegal actions listed here of Mr. Salvatore Granata and Mr. Curtiss Webb and I will not have to escalate these complaints any higher. The complaints follow.






Complaint Location #1 - Bella Italia Restaurant (Rear lot) 548 Joyce Street


1, Stop the illegal use of a driveway and remediate the property at 548 Joyce Street as per prior complaint and summons issued to include: Complete the buffer zone across the entire property front along Joyce Street with trees no closer then 3 feet into the property and no less then 3 feet apart with no exit onto Joyce Street as per violation letter 9/30/2010 and agreement (attached). Remove the trees incorrectly installed in the city sidewalk area.

2. Require that the zoning officer stop issuing erroneous zoning permits. That any property that does not meet parking, side yard, front yard, expansion or any other deficiencies be referred to the planning board and use legal tax and property classifications as is required.

3. Require the zoning officer correctly state the actual site address on all applications and zoning permits and attach the correct tax information and property classification.

4. Require that the zoning officer not make any personal assumption or guess on a property classification but use the actual, legal property classification from the tax office. 548 Joyce Street is NOT a legal parking lot! There is no such thing as “Grandfathering in” something that never existed or the excuse of what someone else did in the past. Mr. Webb is required to uphold the duties of the zoning officer now and must go by what classification and paperwork that exists now. 

5. If the zoning officer continues to refuse to do his job correctly then he should be replaced.

 This complaint is about the zoning officer, Curtiss Webb who has repeatedly issued erroneous zoning permits on projects that did not meet the requirements for a zoning permit and should have been referred to the planning board for their deficiencies. He has repeatedly disregarded my complaints about a property that is operating illegally as a parking lot and only took minimal action when directed to enforce the city ordinances by Mr. Mason. And then has backtracked and allowed less then what was required in the complaint  (which Salvatore Granata was fined $500.00 for doing) and summons and agreed to (see the attached summons and letters) by allowing for an illegal driveway in what is supposed to be a buffer area.

Why did he change his mind? What happened to the buffer zone that was required? What happened to the front yard setback that is required? Why did he approve of Bella Italia planting a buffer zone remediation tree line that was supposed to be 3 feet on the Bella Italia property and for the entire fence line to be  planted 2 feet onto the city property and put a driveway in it? Which is now expanding the lot further now then it was originally given the summons for! Bella Italia should be given another summons for expanding the lot again. Or at the very least comply with the original remediation requirement and move the tree line to 3 feet on Bella Italia property and remove the driveway.

Mr. Webb has not properly enforced the issue above and has most recently given a zoning permit for a further expansion and  improvement (curb cut) on the very lot that is operating illegally and was just last year issued summons by Mr. Webb for illegally expanding without zoning board approval. What is going on here?  I understand this improvement is now not going to take place but the fact a zoning permit was issued and a zoning application falsely completed in the first place is disturbing in light of the violations that exist there. Most notable and dangerous the use as an illegal driveway which causes cars, trucks and busses to drive across my property to use the makeshift unapproved driveway at 548 Joyce Street, when it is supposed to have a fence and trees planted across it that would not allow for cars if it was properly implemented. The requirement was that trees be planted not less then 3 feet apart and planted 3 feet in from the fence along the entire fence along Joyce Street. See attached violation letter. On the most recent zoning application and permit Mr. Webb falsely listed the site address of the property to be 537 Central Avenue (The restaurant address) instead of the required actual site address 548 Joyce Street and attached the tax department record of 537 Central Avenue which shows a property class of 4A instead of the actual class 1 (Vacant Land) which the site is actually classified as. Mr. Webb is well aware of the property address and classification as he issued a summons (attached) for it last year.

Mr. Webb has been trying to justify the property as a legal parking lot when in fact City of Orange records, Mr. Webb’s own search, requests to the property owner, and photographic evidence has proven without a question that the property is not and was never a legal parking lot. This lot was illegally developed and each time an improvement was made I made a formal complaint dating back to at least 2000. Mr. Webb himself told me he had searched for records and requested documents from the property owner. None were provided or found. And city tax records prove this lot was never legally a parking lot. No application, permit, site plan or any approval or change of use for a parking lot exists. The property is still listed as vacant land which was the status given after it was changed from residential when the house which was on the property was removed. If it was ever changed to a parking lot city tax records would reflect that. To change its status it must go before the planning board for approval. Neither Mr. Webb nor anyone else has the legal authority to change its use without planning board approval.

548 JOYCE STREET VIOLATION:  Property Change of Use without approval


a. City tax records are included as evidence and indicate the use is “vacant land”

b. OPRA records requests results indicating no change of use application, permits, or any request was ever made to, or approvals granted by any city agency as well as your findings of same.

c. Zoning office letters dated 2/18/2010 and 09/30/2010.

Attached is a complaint letter from Mr. Webb to Mr. Granata dated February 18, 2010

1.     No permit or approval for use as a parking lot.

2.     No change of use from vacant land for the property

3.     No setbacks or buffer zone landscaping: Front yard setback should be 20 feet from Joyce Street with no parking nearer then 10 feet.

Attached is a complaint letter from Mr. Webb to Mr. Granata dated September 30, 2010

1.     NO parking lot permit exists.

2.     Must reinstate fencing to its original location prior to expansion. It has not been. Mr. Webb testified in court he was satisfied it had been but in fact the fence is 2 feet away from its original location to allow for a larger gate and vehicle traffic. ( photo attached)

3.     Property does not comply with landscaping. TREES were to be planted not more then 3 feet apart and at least 3 feet away from the fence along the entire fence line along Joyce Street. They have not been.  There is a big opening used illegally for vehicular traffic. ALSO the trees were installed 2 feet into the public sidewalk area instead of 3 feet onto the property. This matter was addressed in court and Mr. Webb told the court he was satisfied that the conditions of the complaint had been met when they had not been and in fact the trees were planted on city property!

 I have been very patient over the last 48 months, and 10 years prior to that, spending hundreds of hours of my own time and resources to research and resolve these issue with the least amount of embarrassment to the planning and zoning office, Mr. Curtiss Webb and to Salvatore Granata of the Bella Italia Restaurant. These issues are of major concern to me because this illegal and annoying situation borders my property on 2 sides.

These actions have made it clear to me more then ever that this situation must end with the parking lot being brought into legal conformity or we will continue to face these issues over and over again as has been the case. And the lot will still be illegal. 

This "vacant lot" used for parking is illegal. I should not have to continually complain to protect my property and the citizens of Orange by myself each time Salvatore Granata decides that he wants to make a change to his property that does not meet code. The only proper solution is to require Mr. Granata to follow proper protocol like everyone else has to do FROM NOW ON and make an application to the planning board for the change of use. Until then the lot is a nuisance to me and the other Joyce Street residents and remains a loss of development fees, permit fees, and increased tax revenue that the City of Orange has been losing out on for years. Especially now when we need the funds so badly. 

 I was not opposed to allowing a parking lot on the property. I am opposed to having a unapproved and unregulated illegal parking lot with no front yard setback, no complete buffer zone screening, no permits, no site plan or site plan approval on file or any official city approval on the lot which has been continually allowed to be developed unregulated and unrestricted in violation of city and state code even in view of my formal complaints to the city. Is Mr. Granata going to be allowed to operate and expand his illegal parking lot indefinitely?


RE: BELLA ITALIA RESTAURANT, 537 Central Avenue, Orange


Major Expansion of Restaurant

Planning board approval was required

1.     Deficient Parking

2.     Deficient Side Yard Setback

3.     Deficient Rear Yard Setback

4.     Lot coverage

5.     No Planning Board Approval for Expansion

6.     No Site Plan

7.     No Site Plan Review

The results of Mr.Webb erroneously issuing a zoning permit.

1.     Overcrowding of the parking areas and street caused by the building built too large with insufficient parking and actually removing seven parking spaces next to the building to build it! Major safety issue during busy times.

2.     Building has only a 3 ft rear yard setback instead of the required 25 feet and is too close to the property at 245 South Jefferson Street. A property that Salvatore Granata has been inquiring to purchase and now does not have to. Essentially stealing setback requirements without having to purchase the required property.

2a. REVISED Salvatore Granata has purchased the property listed above in 2 and has illegally expanded his parking lot into 2 more lots without planning board approvals. 2/2013

3.     Not even 1 blueprint or site plan on file with the city or county for at least 2 major building renovations.

4.     Depriving the neighbors and citizens of Orange their right to appear before the planning board and voice any safety or other concerns with the large expansion of the building.

5.     Building additions on side and front were built to close to Central Avenue and South Jefferson Streets.

REVISED: #5 above. The building additions have now been built over the property line by 4 FEET! into the public right of way sidewalk still without any Essex County or City of Orange Township approvals.

6.     No site plan or site plan review as to the safe and legal design of the property.

7.     Loss of revenue to the City of Orange Township in regards to thousands of dollars in development fees. 

8.     Loss of my time having to spend hundreds of hours to research the city code book and bring this to light to try and protect my neighbors, my family, and myself when the zoning officer should have just done his job.

9.     Waste of taxpayer dollars and loss of City Administration time. I have spent hours at the city clerk’s office submitting OPRA requests plus dozens of meetings over the past 4 years with the zoning officer, business administrator, planning dept. and other city administrators as well as hours of time spent by city employees fulfilling my OPRA requests.

10.                        Loss of confidence in the Orange City administration with the citizens who are themselves held accountable when Mr. Salvatore Granata is not held accountable because of his restaurant and gets huge free passes and  illegal accommodations at the citizen’s expense.


RE: BELLA ITALIA RESTAURANT, 537 Central Avenue, Orange


Addition to front of building

1.     NO Front Yard left to build on.


RE: BELLA ITALIA RESTAURANT, 537 Central Avenue, Orange

Year 2000 Renovations that did not meet side yard setbacks, had no site plan, but no records seem to even exist. Which I found out at the time when the stinky trash containers were moved next to my house and no proper property records exist.

And the question arises. Why does Mr. Webb continually allow Mr.Granata multiple illegal accommodations?  Are there more improprieties? Are others involved? 

The only way to restore any confidence in the Orange City Administration is to start with closing this illegal driveway at 548 Joyce Street and require the installation of the buffer zone exactly as originally ordered last year. This has already been ordered in court. It has just not been properly implemented, and go on from there.

If you have any questions, would like clarification on any point, or would like me to cite the exact ordinance numbers from the city code book please call me anytime. I did not include further detail as not to make this complaint any longer.

-If not us, who? If not now, when?   John F. Kennedy


UPDATED 2011.05.29


The main remaining issue besides the illegality of the actual parking lot and improvements that were made to the building itself is a gate next to my property and a makeshift exit. There is supposed to be a tree line where a gate has been installed. The required buffer zone is not complete.


Required screening between properties

A plan was submitted to the court by the property owner Salvatore Granata of Bella Italia Restaurant that lacked any of the details that were discussed and agreed to. The attorney for the property owner indicated that a better plan was going to be submitted. It was not. I twice complained to the court that the  poorly detailed hand drawn plans be modified because they did not show in detail what was required or was being done.  I was hoping that a detailed plan would be submitted and followed by the property owner so we would not continue to have issues with his illegal parking lot.

REQUIREMENT: Trees and shrubs were to be planted 3 feet away from the existing fence and no more then three feet apart to allow for proper growth and visual screening. 

PROBLEM: I observed that exactly 3 feet of pavement was cleared for planting. SO - if any trees or shrubs are planted in the area cleared they would not be 3 feet away from the fence as required.  The issues continue....

PROBLEM: The front yard fence and the corner fence post was ordered by the court to be moved two feet back to return it to its original location. It was not. It was moved back but not over 2 feet  to its original location as ordered by the court. Mr Granata is defying a court order. This location of the post allows easy use of an illegal driveway. The issues continue....

The reason I twice objected to such a poorly written plan being accepted by the zoning officer Mr. Webb or the court (which just took the recommendation of the zoning officer) was to try and avoid these types of issues continuing and be sure cars do not exit the lot through a makeshift driveway onto Joyce Street. I guess my feeling was correct because as I see the requirements are not being followed and cars did exit the lot onto Joyce Street. I can only hope that the zoning officer does not accept any less that what is required. Especially in light of all the other violations that exist on the property.

New Court Date June 9. 2011


First of all I wish Mr. Sal Granata owner of Bella Italia Restaurant all the best. I wish everything works out for Mr. Granata and his restaurant and that it will continue to prosper. It is his illegal actions that I have an issue with. I am all for progress and the renaissance we are experiencing  in the City of Orange. However,

My property and I have been under attack and I have every right to protect myself by using the law.  Mr. Granata has developed his property which borders my property on 2 sides without any regard for the setback, buffer zone or parking lot ordinances of The City of Orange, my neighbors or me.  I just don't understand him. He built a nice big restaurant, why couldn't he just have done the right thing and installed a buffer zone that is (would be) required had he followed the proper protocol and gone before the planning board as is required by ordinance.  Its bad enough that he has illegally developed and expanded his vacant lot into a parking lot, but now he has expanded once again into two more illegal parking lots next to that. My residential property needs to be screened from his illegal parking lots by installing a visual barrier and buffer zone between our properties and replace the front yard setback he has removed along Joyce Street and be done with it. Instead of tearing out what little buffer zone that existed.  Dragging this out is just uncovering more problems with his property and is about to make this whole issue go very public.  I have tried to keep this local to allow the powers that be and Mr. Granata an opportunity to rectify the issues but little or nothing has been done.  What's worse is that Mr. Granata could care less about it and continues his nuisance activity. It has been 2 years that I have not been able to enjoy my back yard and privacy from his parking lot. Enough is enough.  I have been told by many city officials to use any means necessary.

1. The rear lots used for parking on Joyce Street have no approvals to operate as such and are still listed as vacant land with the City of Orange Tax Department since the residential home was removed years ago.  For years our residents have been losing out on the development fees that are required to change the status from vacant land to a parking lot and also the increased value and tax revenue generated from the change for the City of Orange residents. Also lacking are any permits, zoning, and any site plan or planning board approval for use as a parking lot. This brings up the issue of the peace and safety for the neighbors, residents and visitors that have been using an unregulated and unapproved parking lot. Even if this lot had prior approvals (which it had not) several recent expansions of the lot and restaurant itself would require a new site plan and new planning board approval.  Parking Lot Page

2. The Restaurant was expanded and build into a 250 seat catering hall without the required site plan, site plan review or approval and without having the proper setbacks, parking requirements and planning board approval.  Details to follow.  see Central Avenue Building page

3. Some of the building ordinances that have been violated. See Violations Page

4. Much more info, photographs and to come ....

Click on the picture for more pictures and details or see violations page for code


  1. Restore the front yard setback: To advise the proper authorities of the fact that the front yard setback at 548, 550, and 552 Joyce Street (which is next to my property) has been completely removed, the fencing pushed out and the lot expanded and is being used to illegally park cars for the Bella Italia Restaurant

  2. Replace the visual barrier/buffer zone: The existing tree line buffer screen between my property and the illegal parking lot has been removed and not replaced with proper screening trees, shrubs, or any landscaping to create a proper visual barrier as per city code.

  3. Prevent continued illegal expansion without proper development protocol being followed.  Illegal expansion has continued even as I make complaints and now with the full knowledge of city officials.  Why is it that no city official is addressing these issues on their own and what makes Mr. Granata think he can do as he pleases without following proper protocol.

  4. Protect my property: (a)  Reduce the noise, pollution and visual eyesore that has now been created by the illegal development of the lot. (b)Prevent future occurrences of poisonous chemical plant killer being  sprayed through the fence to kill any new tree growth or plants on MY PROPERTY!

  5.  Regain the privacy of my property that has been illegally removed.  

I have been making written formal complaints for years and advised the city officials of the deficiencies when they occurred so they could enforce the ordinances of the City of Orange and require the property owner to make the necessary changes to protect my property and cure the deficiencies in regards to the front yard setback for all the residents. That is the least that should have been done.

If the property owner is not agreeable to at least address the issues above I believe the city should do what is required of them and  require the property owner to  properly make application for the property change of use,  file a site plan, and get planning board approval.  This is (should have been) required to review parking capacity, and implement and enforce the proper front, side and rear setbacks and buffer zones to protect adjacent properties. Some of which include an opaque fence, trees and landscaping that totally screen the parking lot, enclose the trash receptacle area, confirm that the proper engineering has been done considering the lots are in a flood zone.

These goals are considered normal requests and recommendations that should have been made during the planning process when submitting plans for building additions that do not meet code requirements. Especially when the building is built without proper setbacks and is to close to other property lines and is without adequate parking spaces for the building size.  Also when parking lots are expanded and buffer zones are removed along residential property lines creating safety hazards. Also the trash location should have been considered in the site design.

I should not have to take up my time doing this. This is not my job. These issues should have been addressed properly during the original process.  If they had I would not have to spend my time and resources to go through this now and deal with these issues to protect my and other property owners property. This property has recently been expanded several times and there is not even one site plan or blueprint on file with the city for any of 3 building additions and parking lot expansions! What happened to multiple planning board meetings that should have happened to address these issues?

  My name is David. I am a lifelong resident of Orange. My family has been living in Orange for over 100 years. My mother was born in my residence over 87 years ago and has lived next door for 86 years. We have no issues with our neighbors. The only issues here have been created by Sal, of Bella Italia.

This site has been created as a venue to express and chronicle the truth about the issues concerning the events between Sal of Bella Italia and his neighbor David (me) and the other neighbors on Joyce Street.  This site will remain up until the goals have been achieved and peace is restored. This site welcomes anyone, even Sal, to email any comments or information concerning these issues so we can have your voices heard,  get at the truth, and get over it.   Mr. Granata  can say whatever he wants to his customers and to the police that frequent his establishment. I cannot. I can be sure from personal knowledge he is not being truthful. This is the only way I can have the truth be know.

I have done nothing to provoke Mr. Granata to this level. The only things that can remotely be construed as provocation would be not letting Sal have half of my back yard to use for restaurant parking as he has repeatedly requested, pursuing my rights to complain about his activities, or rightfully complaining along with all the neighbors of the nauseating stench emanating from his trash container.  These are all things that most of you would rightfully do if it were your home.

On the other hand,  Mr. Granata is now affecting the health, safety and well being of my family, my neighbors and myself as well as our property values. Sal cut down every tree, over a dozen,  along my  property line. (see removing trees page) Some of which were more then 70 years old. Without notifying me first! I was awakened by the construction noise.  Many of the trees were entirely on my property with a few growing wide, a few inches over the property line. Transforming what was a lush, cool, shady very private yard into a bright, hot, very public, noisy, fishbowl extension of a parking lot with great views of cars, traffic, people coming and going to the restaurant, and the restaurant itself.

I overlooked and was even dealing with all these issues. In fact I humbled myself several times and non-confrontationally attempted to speak and make peace with Sal. Even in light of what he did. He just refused to talk and turned and walked away. UPDATE: I did make another final attempt to reason with Mr. Granata on Monday Aug 18, and  advised him I was going to take this action and more. He just did not care.  He told me I should just go to the beach.

Then, to top it off,  Mr. Granata attempts to humiliate and discredit me to others. He stepped up a personal nuisance campaign directed towards me which is now becoming a real nuisance and effecting my family. All because he wants half of my yard to expand his parking again and is unhappy that I contacted the City to explore my rights?  There is no possible excuse for this. This is the final straw and is why I have created this project site. He has been very disrespectful to my family and to myself and believes he can do whatever he wants to his property and to my property without any ramifications. (See Nuisance Page)

All of this while he has expanded and built huge additions to his restaurant without following the proper protocol. The building construction would require several variances and  one of the procedures required is to notify property owners within a 200ft radius of his intention. None of the neighbors I spoke with, or myself had been notified.    (see Central Ave Building Page) Why is it that Sal can illegally get major additions actually built on his building without following proper protocol, uses vacant land as a parking lot without zoning, engineering, permits or approval and even totally removing the required by ordinance front yard setback along Joyce Street and his neighbors cannot even get him to move away from their homes his trash container that draws rodents and frequently spews noxious odors. (See trash container hazard) And I cannot get anywhere on these issues now.

Thank you for your interest in the truth. If you have any information or comments please send an email. If the information is sensitive you may call or send your contact information. I will keep all or any part you desire that I am not already aware of confidential. Comments from Mr. Granata are also welcome and if truthful will be published as well.

Thanks Again,